Dating should always be a fun experience that gives you both the opportunity to get to know one another without a lot of pressure and stress involved. If you're the adventurous type, you can plan a date that keeps you both busy enough to forget about the pressure while providing you with the time and opportunity you need to bond. Here are four fun date ideas that you and your adventurous date are sure to enjoy:

Have a Bonanza

If you and your date are into horses, picnics, and country living, consider planning a "Bonanza" night complete with 1800s country western outfits. Start by choosing something to wear at a costume shop and reserving your rentals for your big date. Plan a horseback riding session, a picnic under a tree near a lake, and a long walk through the wilderness during your date. Top things off by heading to a portrait studio like Four Sisters Old Time Photo to have some old time photos taken. The studio should have plenty of accessories and props to use that will help bring your photos to life and provide you and your date with special memories that will last a lifetime.

Do Some Traveling

Plan a date exploring your city using a variety of different travel methods. Start by riding bicycles around the neighborhood to work up an appetite before stopping at a small restaurant for lunch. Then bike over to a park and do some roller skating. Afterward, consider traveling to a local moped rental shop and then zooming around town while doing a little window shopping and sightseeing. After returning the mopeds, hop on a bus and head to a club or bar and grill for some dinner and dancing. Then you can round out your travel date by taking a cab home for a night cap!

Show Some Sportsmanship

If you're both into sports, why not spend an afternoon playing a few games together in the park? You can start the day by barbecuing and getting to know each other. Once you're fueled up, get on the field to throw a football around or play a little one-on-one basketball. After getting good and sweaty in the park, head to a paintball facility for some more intense fun – try finding another couple there who would be willing to play against you and your date so you can work together on the same team. Alternatively, you can go bowling and place a friendly bet on who will get the highest score. Then you can cool things down with a dip in the community pool and a quick shower just in time for dinner at a trendy restaurant in town.

Learn Something New

Learning together is a great way to bond during your date, so plan a day of activities that involve learning something new that neither of you have done before. Consider attending a painting and wine drinking event, scheduling a surf or bungee jumping lesson, heading to a writers' workshop, or training to become volunteer firefighters within your community.

The idea is to do something new and different that is interesting to both of you from the start. So before planning this type of date, ensure that you'll both enjoy your experience by gaining some insight into what your date does and doesn't enjoy overall. Ask them to provide you with a list of activities that they wouldn't mind trying for the first time, as well as a list of things they definitely don't want to do.

These action-packed date ideas will help keep you active and offer an exciting way to get to know each other while providing you both with health benefits that you can enjoy long after the date is over.