If you have just moved into an apartment and you are not keen on hanging a painting on the wall, then you should consider getting a photographic art print. These are beautiful alternatives to posters or paintings. They are especially great for a small apartment where you feel an oil painting might feel bit too overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you understand the different types of artistic photography that are out there and help you decide which one you should look into.

Landscape Prints

If you like the idea of having something depicting nature in your room, then choose a landscape print. You can go with a black and white, classic style, or you can get a modern print that is in full color. The subject matter can be anything you wish, from the ocean to the desert. The primary focus on landscape prints is the natural world, so you won't see people, buildings, or animals.

Artistic Figurative Photography

If you want something more "artsy," then consider figurative photograph prints. You can get an idea of what these tend to look at by looking at classic photographs. These photographs use the human body as a subject, but they use light and shadow to turn the body into a work of art. There are discreet nudes, as well as isolated images such as hands or faces. Most artistic figurative photography tends to be in black and white, though there are some modern figurative photographers who work in color.

Street Photography

If you want a hip vibe, then you might like street photography. This sort of photography is about capturing the essence of the street. That means the individual people who are out in public, a traffic jam, or just a panorama of city life. You can look back to French masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and others if you want vintage photos of sailors, fishmongers, and Parisian businessman, or you can look to more modern street if you want a more modern and edgy photo.

Urban Photography

Similar to street photography, except it focuses on structures and not people, is urban photography. So if you prefer the idea of a framed print of an abandoned store front or row of street cars, to a bunch of strangers lingering in front of the camera, then urban photography is perfect. There are artists who capture small town USA, as well as photographers who capture empty hotels and swimming pools.

Look online for different photography ideas from various local artists and studios, such as John O'Hagan Photography.