Pregnancy photo shoots offer a great way to capture the beauty of pregnancy and give your child something to look at fondly when he or she is ready to start a family. If you are planning a pregnancy photo shoot, there are a few things you should do to prepare for this special event. Here are just some things to put on your pre-photo to-do list.

Schedule Appropriately

You'll want to schedule your photo shoot so that you are far enough along that your belly shows, but not too far along that you can't move. Early in the third trimester or late in the second trimester might be best for you, but if you feel that your body isn't ready for pictures, work with your photographer to reschedule. This way, you can make sure that your baby bump is the star of the show. If you are still experiencing morning sickness throughout your pregnancy, remember to schedule your session during a time of day that you are least likely to be sick.

Bring Props And Personal Items

You can bring props along for your photo shoot, or your photographer may have a selection for you to choose from. If there is an heirloom toy, outfit, or memento that you will be passing down to your little one, consider bringing it along so you can include it in your photo shoot. Some ideas of things to bring might include a framed copy of your first ultrasound picture, a stuffed animal you've purchased for your baby, or the outfit you plan to bring the baby home from the hospital in.

Dress The Part

You'll want to wear clothing that shows off your baby bump without leaving you uncomfortable. Consider bringing several outfits so you can find the right look for your shoot, and don't forget to try everything on before the day of your session. If you will be wearing shoes in the photo, be sure they are comfortable enough for you to walk around in and stylish enough to be included in the pictures. For barefoot pictures, consider treating yourself to a spa day first and getting a pedicure.

Your photographer may have a list of things for you to remember on the day of your photo shoot, which can help to keep you on track. Consider giving the list to your spouse to double check before you leave for your photo shoot. Most importantly, relax and have fun.