The affordability and user-friendly nature of drones makes aerial photography a valuable addition to the services of any budding photographer. If you've just bought a drone and some photography equipment to mount to it and you're interested in taking aerial photos to sell, it's a good idea to approach different people to offer your services. For a specified price, you can fly your done over the designated location and snap some images that the recipient can use for marketing or simply for a unique view of his or her property. Here are some areas on which to focus.

Sports Organizations

When it's a professional minor league organization in your city or a youth sports team, it's worthwhile to approach the organization and try to sell your services. In the case of a minor league franchise, an aerial photo of a game — perhaps as the sun is setting — could make for an eye-catching image that could be blown up and displayed in the team's head offices or used in promotional material. For youth sports, teams simply be interested in hiring you to capture the memories of their team. And, individual parents of the young athletes might also be excited to buy your work.

Community Organizations

Every city has a long list of community organizations that are worth approaching to discuss your aerial photography services. For example, if a local service club is holding a fundraising car wash in the parking lot of a big box store, images captured overhead might be useful to use on future marketing or to even distribute to local news outlets. Similarly, if a youth group or church group will be conducting a vast spring clean-up of the neighborhood, capturing some images from the sky may provide shots that could be used in the organization's newsletter or in a digital presentation at an upcoming event on banquet.

Wedding Locations

If there's a wedding hall in your city that has outdoor facilities, see if you can sell your aerial photography services to the business. For example, some overhead photographs of an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception would make attractive art to hang in the wedding hall and amply showcase the beauty of the grounds. This may also drum up more business for you, if you can leave some business cards next to the framed pieces, as many soon-to-be-married couples might be interested in hiring you to photograph their big day.

Talk to an aerial filming company, like Drone on Demand, for more help.