As you prepare to shoot an outdoor sporting event such as baseball or football, you'll likely spend a lot of time preparing all of your camera gear. Lenses, filters, a monopod, and other accessories can help you to make the most of the outing, but you shouldn't forget to pack a handful of items that will support you in this endeavor. These items might not seem as important as your camera gear and may be easy to forget — but you'll almost certainly realize that you're missing them at some point during the game. Here are some essentials to include with you.


Sunglasses are a valuable item to pack when you're getting ready to shoot an outdoor sporting event. Although you can position your body so that the sun is to your back, doing so may not always be possible. It's difficult to look into the sun for hours at a time, and you may even squint so much that you give yourself a headache. The headache can then cause you to not be on top of your game, which could result in you missing a perfect shot. Sunglasses will make it easier for you to watch the game and won't take up much space in a pocket if it ends up being an overcast day.


You won't regret picking up a pair of kneepads from your local home improvement store. Although you may shoot the majority of the outdoor sporting event while standing, you'll also want to change up your angles to get different shots. One way to do so is to get as low to the ground as possible, but kneeling can be uncomfortable and get your pants muddy. A pair of gel or foam kneepads will protect your clothing and allow you to kneel for longer periods of time without any discomfort — and they may be helpful in aiding you to get a good shot from a unique angle.


Standing out in the sun all day can leave you dehydrated and thirsty, but you won't want to leave the game to buy a bottle of water until the game is done. The simplest solution is to pack a bottle of water and keep it handy. One approach is to store it in a specialized belt so that it's always at hand and won't distract you from the action on the field when you need to take a quick sip.

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