Selling nature photos to stock content websites can be a fun way to make some extra cash. You might not be able to make your living as a stock photographer, especially if you are only selling nature photos. Most stock sites will have no shortage of nature photos. Simply put, a lot of photographers are trying to sell their nature photos. Everybody loves taking nature and landscaping photos, making it one of the most competitive categories for stock sellers. So, what can you do to make your nature photos stand out and increase the likelihood of making sales?

Keep it Simple

First, you should make sure that your images are clear, cropped. level, and in focus. Basic composition might seem like a no-brainer, but many photographers try to overdo it. That is, they try to create images that are edgy or stylish. While there is nothing wrong with being unique, having your own style, and breaking some of the basic photo composition "rules," this is not what is going to sell on a stock photography site. This isn't the platform for your most creative work. You will sell more images if they are simple. You might sell a few of your bolder images, but your odds are better with more traditional composition.

With stock photography, you don't know your client. But, you can assume that most people buying stock photos are going to be less artistic. They are going to be searching for more generic images that are pleasant and well composed. So, even if you are a professional photographer who has worked with brands that have unique visions, you have to approach your stock photos from a completely different, almost neutral, angle.

Don't Over-Saturate Your Colors

With so much range and freedom to edit images in post production, some people get a little carried away. While almost any photo you take could be improved a little bit as far as the colors are concerned, it is important to not lose the essence of the original capture. This is most prevalent with over-saturation. It can be fun to turn your saturation up and see the colors explode with brightness. But at a certain point, the colors just begin to look fake and cheesy.

These are just a few simple things that will help you sell more of your images on stock websites. The best thing is that your best selling images might already be on your phone's camera roll, so reach out to a stock photography company like Dembinsky Photo Associates today.