One of the skills that every wedding photographer must possess is creativity. Having a number of good photo ideas for every wedding that you attend will allow you to execute eye-catching photos and keep your clients happy. You should always visit the venue and its surrounding area before the wedding day so that you can come up with some good backgrounds for the various photos that you'll capture. In urban settings, having the happy couple stand on a bridge over a road or highway while you snap photos can make for a successful shot. Here are some tips for setting up a perfect bridge shot.

Consider The Landmarks

While you'll want to position the couple so that the sun is an asset, not a hindrance, you should also consider what landmarks might be in the background. For example, if there's a famous building that many people associate with the city you're in, it's a nice touch if you can shoot the photo with the building in the background. Similarly, there may be a chance that the church in which the couple got married is nearby. You should also endeavor to get it in the background for a pleasing effect. Visiting the bridge beforehand will allow you to thoroughly assess the surrounding area and its landmarks so that you can set the couple up in the best way possible. If the couple wants a unique shot, just search something like 'wedding photographer royal oak mi' for your area and see what has and has not been done.

Balance The Traffic

In most areas, you'll have traffic passing in both directions beneath the bridge, and this can create a visually engaging effect. You want to try to set up the couple near the center of the bridge, however, so that the traffic below is balanced. In other words, you should snap your photos when the volume of vehicles going one direction on the road below is roughly the same as the volume of vehicles going in the other direction. This creates a degree of symmetry that can be pleasing to the eye.

Pick The Right Time Of Day

While you'll be partially bound by the time of the wedding, you should give some thought to the best time to shoot your bridge shots. There's nothing wrong with doing so in the afternoon, but visiting during the early evening can give you some possibilities. For example, the setting sun can create some pleasing effects. Or, with a longer exposure time, you can get some blur from the head and taillights of the vehicles passing below.