Getting married is one of the most exciting events to happen in a person's life. Naturally, all couples want every single aspect to go perfectly.  Perhaps nothing is more important than choosing the photographer who will expertly capture every intimate and candid moment. Here are four things to look for in a wedding photographer to make sure you aren't disappointed.

Choose Someone Who Seems Fun

A wedding photographer needs to be able to elicit the best out of people, and if they are depressed and unenthusiastic, they aren't likely to succeed with your guests. When you meet with each photographer, take note of how personable, energetic, and passionate they are.

Don't Skimp On The Photography Part Of The Budget

Understandably, the largest part of most wedding budgets is allotted to the reception. But when the big day is all said and done and the last party-goer leaves, all you are going to be left with is your memories and your photographs.

The last thing you want to do is choose an inexperienced photographer simply to save a little bit of money. Many budding photographers want to take their photography hobby to the next level and think offering to work for cheap or even free will get them the exposure they crave. If Cousin Betty wants to take pictures, great, the more shots, the merrier, but you still need a professional.

Blurry, flat, and lifeless photos aren't good, no matter how inexpensive they may be. If your budget is really tight, cut from somewhere that isn't so critical, such as the flowers, and choose an experienced, photographer instead.

Assess Their Style

When you meet with each photographer you are considering, their portfolio is going to be very telling of the type of work they do and are most proud of. Professional photographers can be equally technically skilled, but not all have the same ability to capture special moments.

By looking at their portfolio, you can also tell if they lean more towards the traditional or romantic or candid shots. Of course, each couple in the photo array has as much to do with the style and personality of the shot as the photographer does, but a good photographer will demonstrate an ability to be creative and a knack for the snapping that perfect shot.  

Know What You Are Paying For

Wedding photographers often stipulate in their contracts that they retain the rights to the photos. This is not out of the norm as most artists retain the rights to their work, but this can be surprising for customers to learn. Make sure you completely understand the terms of each photographer you interview; this information could help you make your eventual decision.